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Farm Day

Farm Day is Kings County Farm Bureau’s biggest annual event. Held each March, Farm Day best exemplifies what Farm Bureau is all about by bringing together an average of 2,300 third graders from across Kings County for an interactive field trip about farming.

A collaborative effort on the part of Kings County Farm Bureau, the Kings County Office of Education and the Kings Fair, Farm Day strives to teach the next generation of consumers about the positive contributions farming makes to the community and the local economy.

With the help of numerous businesses, equipment operators and animal presenters, students are given the opportunity to learn about the many facets of agriculture through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences. Volunteers will guide students through a number of exhibits that allow them to climb on tractors, pet a variety of farm animals and learn the process of how food gets from the farm to the fork.

The goal of Farm Day, which requires hundreds of man-hours to plan and execute each year, is to spark an interest in agriculture – the Valley’s dominant industry – at a young age for the next generation of consumers. As educational as it is fun, Farm Day teaches children valuable lessons about where food comes from, and demonstrates that it is not grown in the grocery store.

Farm Day requires a number of volunteers and presenters to make this event a success. If you’re interested in volunteering for Farm Day or to simply learn more about this event, please call (559) 584-3557.