At Kings County Farm Bureau, our mission is to provide education, promotion and representation of agriculture. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher or dairyman, we are here to advocate for you at the local, state and federal levels, protecting your right to farm.

During today’s challenging times, amidst complex regulations, water shortages and excessive taxation, Kings County Farm Bureau is here to ensure the future of the family farm. Whether through educational programs, training classes, industry workshops, political activism, or community involvement, we are committed to supporting local farmers.



Shane Bickner

Todd Fukuda

Jonathan Garcia

Garrett Gilcrease

Brian Potter

Brian Rodrigues

Jared Silveira

Brandon Sargent

Helen Sullivan

Steve Walker

Frank Zonneveld

Monty Hoggard,

Brian Medeiros,
Vice President

Kevin Robertson,


Chuck Draxler

John Ellis

Dino Giacomazzi

Pete Hanse

Michael Miya



Dusty Ference, Executive Director

Dusty joined KCFB, bringing vast knowledge of the agriculture industry. He has a citrus farming background and has been heavily involved with Farm Bureau. Previously, Ference was a director at the Tulare County Farm Bureau. While there, he served as chairman of the Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee and as treasurer. He also has experience lobbying in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. He is looking forward to representing the Kings County Farm Bureau members at local, state, and federal levels.