Executive Director Report: Thanks for making the 2019 Wine vs. Beer Showdown a great event

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By Dusty Ference, Executive Director

I am writing this report on the heels of what may have been the best Wine vs. Beer Showdown in KCFB history. This year’s event was one for the record books. We’ll be sharing some of the highlights in this issue, but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of the vendors, guests and volunteers that made this year’s event such a success. You are the reason we had such a great time and had the pleasure of hosting nearly 400 of our closest friends for an evening of networking and comradery. I hope that this year's Wine vs. Beer Showdown has set the tone for the rest of 2019 as we have a few changes and several new opportunities on the horizon.

Our first change is this issue of “Farm Life.” This issue is our first ever that will not be printed and mailed to our members, but was instead shared electronically by email and as an addition to kcfb.org. The board of directors and I see this as a great way to modernize our communication strategy while providing a more significant opportunity for our members and others to know what KCFB is up to and learn how we benefit the community. Members can expect the same level of industry news coverage and updates while we expand our outreach capabilities and provide a more significant number of views to our advertisers. For now, “Farm Life” will be printed and mailed every other month, and every issue will be posted at kcfb.org.

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